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adeshi Prime Minister Sheik▓h Hasina attended the lau

nching ceremony.The 3-billion-U.S.-dollar bridge, co-funded by Dhaka and Beijing, will shorten the travel time bet

ween the capital and the southern city of Khulna from the current 13 hours to only t

hree ▓hours and a half, Ran said."Transportation between the capital and the 21 districts in southern Bangladesh by

ferry will become history," said Ran, a veteran engineer who is now over 50 years

old and moved his whole

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months after it won the

t both bilateral and multilateral levels.China-Bangladesh cooperation is anticipated to be lifted ▓to a higher level as Chine

se President Xi Jinping travels to the South Asian country on Friday for a state visit, the first of its kind in 30 years.Many local newspapers devoted their front pages to covering the event.

contract. In testimony to

The Dh▓aka Tribune, calling the visit a "milestone," said the Belt and Road Initiative helps b▓oost trade and increase re

venues, and urged Dhaka to make use of its geographical▓ advantage to benefit from it.Ran expects

Xi's visit to give birth to more coop

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